Monthly Archives: November 2016

Down With The Flu

This is flu season and I’ve come down with the flu. Usually, I don’t get the flu or cold until sometime in may month and I didn’t get a flu shot. A number of my friends and some family members have it but how did I catch it?
About a week ago I was helping a friend do some work on his cabin and as we were finishing it began to drizzle and I got wet.
Later that week, I helped another friend winterize his trailer and I was crawling underneath the trailer. The ground was cold and a little damp.
Our tenants have the flu and I was asked to help with their tv remote problem. Later that night I coud feel my throat get sore and when I woke up in the morning I felt miserable.

Some flu terms

Got the flu

Down with the flu

A hacking cough

Frog in my throat

Miserable with the flu


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