Back In The Country

Hello Noah..Hello Spencer..

Today, my son and I went to visit some places we  went fishing (trouting, trout’n) and hunting a number of years ago. Also,we were looking for signs of moose and or coyotes. Struck out!

We went to The Salmonier Line, The Towers in Holyrood and The Witless Bay Line.  As you can guess, from the domain name and the blog/site title, that I would try and get pictures of rocks and rock formations. Click on each image to enlarge.

Split Rock Witless Bay Line.

This the split rock on the path about 1/4 mile from the road. Jeff set the timer but I moved too soon.

IMG_1738sr10 IMG_1744sr3IMG_1741sr8IMG_1745sr2

Split Rock by the side of the road                     Nature’s Interesting art work

IMG_1736sr12 IMG_1739sr9


Balancing act across the pond                               The Molt? Not sure of spelling



                                     The Holyrood Towers View

Looking West                                                       Holyrood Harbour

IMG_1730sr15 IMG_1729sr16


Looking Southwest                                        This is the white ball you see on the mountain



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