Brake Replacement

This may seem to be a strange topic for a blog post, in rocksnl but I feel that there are many people, like me, who are frustrated with the cost and early replacement of their brakes.

Recently, I took my car to have the brakes checked out and was told that the cost would be over $600.00. The disc brakes and calipers had to be replaced. Fifteen months ago I had the same work done. There was only 10,000 miles on the ones that I had replaced. I only drive in a rural community!
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Brake pads need to be replaced after about 50,000 miles on average. Some need to be replaced after 25,000, while others can last for 70,000 miles. To get a more accurate number for your car’s specific needs, consult the car’s manual. There are other indicators that can also communicate that the brake pads are on their last leg. Click here for further info:

I did bring the original invoice to the garage, prior to having the work done, but couldn’t get an answer as to why I had to have the brakes replaced in such a short mileage span.

In my opinion, I was taken in. There is no way that the brakes should wear out that quickly. It would mean that I would have to pay over $6,000.00 in brake repairs if driving 100,000 miles.

Anybody else having this problem??

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