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From Terra Nova

Back in  early February, my son-in-law and I were in Terra Nova working on their cottage/cabin. They are still deciding on what to call it as it is in The Town of Terra Nova and was a year round residence. We took a few hours. from our work, and went for a sled ride. I always say skidooing but that’s the name of a sled machine.

Those are a few photos from our trip.

Near Terra Nova Salmon Ladder

Team Nova1

This is a moose carcass with Coyote tracks

Terra Nova2

From The Barrens over-looking river and lake.

Terra Nova4

Terra Nova Salmon Ladder

Terra Nova3


Rocks of Newfoundland

I did a google check with the keyword, rocks of newfoundland, and was somewhat surprised at the results, My site,, was not on the the first ten pages. The last few times I checked it was on the second or third page. Not sure why it’s dropped out of sight but it may have to do with the fact that I have neglected updating the website and writing blog posts.

Here are links to some of the interesting sites that l found.


Minerals of Newfoundland and Labrador | Natural Resources

Geological Landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador

Geology & Fossils – Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

About “The Rock” | Bird⋅The⋅Rock

Geography of Newfoundland and Labrador – Wikipedia

The Geology of the Island of Newfoundland (adapted from Appendix 

The following are linked to specific rock formations and their story.

Fort Amherst and Fort Chain Rock – Hidden Newfoundland

A general chart of the Island of Newfoundland with the rocks …



This post is being updated..


I’ve Been Waking Up Early In The Morning

For the past few weeks I’ve been waking up early in the morning. Today it was at 4:00am. I was checking a few things on the internet and realized that I hadn’t posted to rocksnl for a number of weeks. There are many reasons but I guess our winter has kept me from checking out new rock stories and photos.

A few days ago, one of our couple friends posted a photo of both of them sitting on a large rock. I have to get their permission to post it on the website. It renewed my rock hunting spirit. This is the photo of then sitting on a rock somewhere in The Lorie valley, France..


The following is a photo from Clyde Hooper from Rock Harbour. Clyde and I may be related as my grandfather was a Hooper from Rock Harbour.

The large rock, in the background, must have a name. I will contact Clyde to see if he has any information.

This is a link to The Mortier Bay Marine chart. Click here.

Found an interesting read, from the Southern Gazette on Beau Bois. Click here.

Side note: Just put out the garbage. It rained last night and there are a number of worms on the driveway. I picked some of them up and tossed them on the lawn. When I go trouting, I usually go hunting for worms, at night, with a flash light. Those worms are my bait resource.

This is one of my favorite photos. It’s my grandson and his friend hopping rocks on Manuel’s River. I did the same rock hopping, in the same place, over fifty years ago. Memories! Just below the old trestle. The water level is very low.


Elephants Head

This rock is part of the black hill and is supposed to resemble an elephant’s head. I’m usually pretty good at picking out images in rock formations but can’t see this one.

Paula Rideout1

Not sure if it’s visible from this angle. I’ll try and get a photo from the Peacekeepers Way, up by The Foxtrap Arterial.

Veteran’s Drive

I have traveled “The Veteran’s Drive” a few times over the past two months. Thankfully, it was day time driving and the weather was good. Most people were driving the speed limit, however; there were a few that had to pass and a couple passed on solid lines. The following are some photos that I took from the passenger seat.

Passed us on a double line


Driving into Carbonear






Travelling To Western Bay

Sometimes I like to take highway photos  as we drive throughout the province. The following are photos from a trip to Western Bay Line to help a friend close up his cabin for the winter. They will still use the cabin but will have to bring water.

The tolt Holyrood









Salmon Cove














Flying Into St John’s

When we take a flight, my wife usually takes the window seat. On a recent flight from Ottawa, where we were visiting our daughter and her family, I asked her if I could have the window seat on the Halifax/St John;s leg of our flight. I managed to get a few photos, however; the window was not clear and the weather was foggy on our arriving over The Avalon Peninsula.








Newfoundland Fish Brewis

Newfoundland Fish Brewis is one of my favorite meals. What I am making today is fisherman’s brewis where everyting is mixed together. I have used fresh fish but today I am using salt fish. I usually buy salt fish pieces for this meal. Those pieces cost around $6.00 from Sobeys in Conception Bay South. I soaked this for five hours and changed the water once. The saltiness depends upon how it was salted. We usually cook the salt fish with the potatoes so we keep it a little salty. You can always add salt to the finished product.

The brewis was soaked for five hours as well. I broke the bread apart to shorten the time needed to soften the bead. There were still a few firm bits, however I picked those out.

The Brewis in soak..we always called it hard bread

The potatoes and fish boiling together. We place the fish on top of the potatoes after they start boiling and the fish is cooked when the potatoes are ready.


I drained off some of the juice from the fish and potatoes and used it to heat the brewis. It worked!  This was the first time I used this method to heat the brewis.


The potatoes, brewis and fish mixed together


I fried up some onions in butter and used that as a sauce to add to my lunch meal. My wife is the drawn butter expert so she will make that as a sauce for our supper meal of fisherman’s brewis. I like pork fat but it doesn’t like me.


Lunch plate of fisherman’s brewis with fried butter and onion sauce


Many people like fisherman’s brewis as I have made today, where everything is mixed together.. Fish and brewis is where the fish, brewis and potatoes are served individually and not mixed together. I can eat it either way. My preference is having the salt fish, with the skin on, for fish and brewis. We always have potatoes with this meal.