Children and Rocks

Children, of all ages, have a fascination with rocks. They play in the sand, collect pebbles, toss or throw smaller rocks as far as they can or try and skip flat stones on the water. I ‘ve seen smaller children, lift rocks and say “look how strong I am.” They hop on and jump from rock to rock, in the rivers and shallow water. Many of us have done the same thing and who hasn’t, as we get older, tried to skip rocks or show our children or grand-children to do the same.

I recall, turning over rocks, looking for worms and damming a small stream to make a place to swim. Rocks were rolled onto the banks of ponds, lakes or rivers to make a diving rock. Also, they were rolled out into the water for the same purpose.

Then, there are and were rocks to climb and hang out on. They were usually called “the big rock.” The big rocks always looked smaller as we grew older but we always found a bigger rock. I have photos of some of my “big rocks” on the blog or on various pages of the site. Our grandchildren are now finding their own rock. What stories those rocks could tell? Are you listening??

Standing Tall



Our Rock





Comments are welcome or please feel free to share a story or a photo of “your favorite rock”

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