Devil Rocks

I asked some friends if they knew of any unusual stories about devil rocks. Some of them have mentioned that they were familiar or have heard stories of rocks that are associated with the devil. One person mentioned that he knew of a rock, down around Con Bay North, that has the devil’s hoofprint and another said that there was a devil’s rock in Renews. There is a Devil’s Hole in The Bay Roberts area..

Link to info on The Devil’s Rock, Renews

Also, as mentioned  in an earlier post, there is a rock on Kelligrews Beach that is called “The Devil’s Jackstone. Picture below.

According to Nick Wadden’s blog, there are five such rocks in the Kelligrews area. I’m thinking another one is the big rock on the corner of Long Shore Rd, in Kelligrews. Picture #2. Note: There are five stone used in the game of jackstones… See video below

The Devil's Jackstone,Kelligrews Shoreline
The Devil’s Jackstone,Kelligrews Shoreline

This might be #2..corner of Longshore Rd.


If there are five, where are they? They are big and in the Kelligrews area. Anybody know how they got the name Devil’s Jackstone? Note: Someone had to be familiar with the game. See video below.

Maybe there is an older person, in Kelligrews, who might have the answer. I just spoke to a friend, who was not familiar with the story, and he said that there is a big rock around Ledrews Rd.  Nick Wadden, in his blog, mentions this rock. About a week ago, I drove out Ledrews Rd,  and did not see the rock. One of those days I’ll take a walk, in the area, to see if I can find it and get a photo.

The game Jackstones uses five stones..See video below..



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