Fishing Rocks

IMG_1460Fishing or Trouting Rocks

Those were or are rocks that we used or use for marking favorite fishing spots.

Jeff’s Rock

I fished in such places as the holy stone and split rock. They bring back a lot of memories from my trouting experiences. There was a rock in a pond that I called Jeff’s rock. When my son was around seven years old I took him trouting with me back in the wilderness area on The Witless Bay Line. He  ripped his rubber so I placed him on a rock a few feet from the shore. This was a boy’s dream spot. He caught a trout or had a bite on every cast and I kept baiting his hook. We caught our limit. From that day it is known to us as Jeff’s rock. We have been back there a few times since and we still talk about that day, on that rock.

This is our grandson trouting from Jeff’s rock. Not a good day. Loons in the pond.


Photo of Split Rock, Witless Bay Line


Tony’s Rock

Tony’s rock is an underwater ridge on back of Kelly’s Island, Con Bay.  This is one of our favorite places for cod fishing. There are certain landmarks that are used to locate the spot without using GPS.


Holy Stone

Gullies in the cattle road off Foxtrap Access Rd. T believe it is referred to as Holy Stone Gullies. Have to get a photo.

Split Rock

About one km in Witless Bay Line Off Trans Canada. The rock is on a trail leading back over the barren.


Birthday Rock 

A large rock in a pond about two miles from Split Rock

Will try and and get photos on my next fishing trip

Fishing rock Landing Place Pond