I Prefer Roller Coasters

I haven’t been able to write a blog post as Christmas and the first week of 2017 has been busy with family, visiting from, “The Mainland” and enjoying family gatherings with dinners and potlucks.

I have travelled from and to St John’s on many occasions and I have been fortunate to have had only one or two delays or cancellations, although I do remember one Air Canada flight that made two attempts to land but returned to Halifax. It was finger biting time as the aircraft, on two approaches, almost touched the runway but had to avert the landing. I prefer roller coasters! .

On Dec 25th, we were waiting for our daughter and family to arrive from Ottawa..The weather was bad with winds and drifting snow. An announcement came, over the intercom, that an Air Canada flight was circling and awaiting for the runway to be cleared. Then another announcement that the flight would be returning to Halifax. I recalled my roller coaster experience. The Westjet flight was shown as arriving early and we eagerly awaited their arrival, only to be informed that the flight would be returning to Halifax as well. I often wonder why the airlines,on occasion, fly to a city knowing that the chances of landing are low. We, as well as others were frustrated but better to be safe. They did arrive the following afternoon and we had a great holiday season with them, with other family members, our extended family and friends.

Looking forward to filling in all the blank pages of 2017. I once read or maybe I coined the phrase..”today is the tomorrow you planned for, work tomorrow’s plan today”..still trying to get my head around that phrase..it may be related to, “don’t put off until tomorrow what you had planned for today.”

Praying and hoping that the the blank pages of 2017 will be filled  joy, peace, happiness, good health and success stories..

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