I’ve Been Waking Up Early In The Morning

For the past few weeks I’ve been waking up early in the morning. Today it was at 4:00am. I was checking a few things on the internet and realized that I hadn’t posted to rocksnl for a number of weeks. There are many reasons but I guess our winter has kept me from checking out new rock stories and photos.

A few days ago, one of our couple friends posted a photo of both of them sitting on a large rock. I have to get their permission to post it on the website. It renewed my rock hunting spirit. This is the photo of then sitting on a rock somewhere in The Lorie valley, France..


The following is a photo from Clyde Hooper from Rock Harbour. Clyde and I may be related as my grandfather was a Hooper from Rock Harbour.

The large rock, in the background, must have a name. I will contact Clyde to see if he has any information.

This is a link to The Mortier Bay Marine chart. Click here.

Found an interesting read, from the Southern Gazette on Beau Bois. Click here.

Side note: Just put out the garbage. It rained last night and there are a number of worms on the driveway. I picked some of them up and tossed them on the lawn. When I go trouting, I usually go hunting for worms, at night, with a flash light. Those worms are my bait resource.

This is one of my favorite photos. It’s my grandson and his friend hopping rocks on Manuel’s River. I did the same rock hopping, in the same place, over fifty years ago. Memories! Just below the old trestle. The water level is very low.


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