Manuel’s River

Today my wife and I took a short walk on The North side of the Manuel’s River trail. There were many families on the trail today as well as many people with their dogs. I jumped rocks to cross over to get a couple of apples from an apple trip that I remembered was there from my teenage years. Not as agile, on the rocks as I used to be. The mind thinks you can but the bodily actions show otherwise. Enjoy the crossing and have a laugh.

I was trying to get a good photo for a story that’s being published in a Christian magazine about my Christian walk. Hard to get a good photo when you’re not photogenic.

Picking a couple of apples.


Going back..I almost fell in on the way over


Almost back with two apples


Made it


Just relaxing


Manuel’s River has been one of my favorite places to trout to swim and to hike for over fifty years..Many memories.

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