Manuel’s River Walk To The Canyon

I had been planning to take a walk to the canyon on Manuel’s River but something always came up. A work period, appointments or the weather. Today, the weather was warm and sunny with a cool enough nip to make the walk enjoyable. Also, my wife would be at her sister’s cabin bottling pickles and beets.

It must be over forty tears since my last visit. In my teenage years, we spent many days lazing around, socializing and swimming at the upper and lower canyon. Some people referred to it as the big and little canyon.

There were few people on the trail today and I was the only one at the canyon. It made getting photos a little easier. Enjoy and please feel free to share. The only request is that you link them back to

Scroll down to view the graffiti art work. Some of the artwork is quite good.

The lower canyon



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The Upper Canyon



The Upper Cnyon





Video from today. My sister-in-law’s husband mentioned that he jumped from the highest point and hit his head. He said he never went back. That’s about fifty years ago.


Graffitti art under the Peacekeepers Way bypass bridge







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