May 24th Weekend

This morning I’ve been thinking about the may 24th or Victoria Day weekend. Will I go trouting and if yes, where will I go? I didn’t always think like this! My plans had been made weeks previous to the weekend. There was no question, if we were going and where. We were going!

What really got me excited for this weekend was a call from my wife’s sister. Her husband had caught some nice trout in a pond that he and I had fished in, for the first time, during the 2015 trouting season. We had caught some nice trout there but not the 1lb 3 oz or  l lb 9oz that he had caught on may 15th, the first day of the 2016 summer season. I was envious.

For the past couple of weeks, I had been considering walking to a pond about an hour from split rock, on The Witless Bay Line. I always had success at this particular pond. It wasn’t over-fished and I hadn’t been there, in the summer, for the past seven or eight years. I had been there a few times, ice fishing and caught a few trout. Also, this is the pond that our son Jeff and I had one of our most memorable may 24th fishing trips. Story below..

The other reason for choosing this spot was to get photos of some rocks that have special memories. Maybe, this is where I will go. The other ponds can wait for another time.

Enjoy your may 24th weekend. Send a photo of your favorite fishing rock.

Memorable May 24th  1983 fishing trip..

May 24th was one day that I would not miss going trout fishing. It was one date that I considered to be my day for going back in the country with my fish’n buddies. This year was no exception, until my 7 year old son said, “dad. can I go fishing with you?” We had planned to leave at 6:00am, drive for about an hour and then walk for 2 hours across barrens and bogs. There was no way that I could take my son. He would not be able to handle the walk and we would not get home until late that night. Also, I knew all the ponds and my buddies were depending on me. Therefore, I could not take my 7 year old son.

Well my conscience got the better of me and I made the decision to take him. I’m not sure if my friends agreed with me but I had no choice. We left on time and reached the first pond at about 8:30am. It was a frosty morning with a cold mist. We started fishing and my son came over to me and said that his feet were wet. He had torn the side out of his rubbers  and there was no way to fix the leak. Calmly, I said that we would go back home to get a new pair and come back in later. I explained to my friends the route to take so that they would hit all the ponds and the way to get back to their car.

I decided to take a different way back, however; I had to carry my son, piggy back, for quite a distance. Around 10:00am the sun came out and it became very comfortable. I decided to stop at a pond, for a break and to try and dry his socks. There was a rock, just off shore, so I placed him there and let him fish…and fish he did. I put worms on and he caught fish. The quota , back then, was around 24 trout and we caught our quota within a couple of hours. This was one of the best and most memorable fishing trips of my lfe. My son was proud and happy and so was I.



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