Mineral Rocks

I know zilch about rocks that contain minerals or geology  but, as of today, I will know more tomorrow. A few days ago my son sent me a picture of a rock, that is located somewhere on the trans- canada highway. Apparently, some people  say that there is gold in the area because there is quartz in the rock. Maybe there is!

This is where I start studying mineral rocks.




I did a quick google search to find out the relationship between gold and quartz. Those are links to the best answers that I found.

What is the relationship between gold and quartz? Best answer at Yahoo

Crushing quartz rocks, video.. 1 of 3 for all of us newbies


I remember, as a child, we would look for rocks, with white coloring so that we could hit them together and make sparks. The following is a photo, of a large rock outcropping, with the same white coloring. I am checking geology.com for information on the type of rock. It appears to be quartz. See video below rock photo..Starting a fire with quartz..I have decided that it’s quartz.



Artcle on gold..an interesting read.

Prospecting in Newfoundland. Click here.

Minerals of Newfoundland Labrador

The only gold I’ve seen, before being processed, is on the various gold prospecting shows. Gotta keep looking!

What is Pyrite (fool’s gold)

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