Newfoundland Fish Brewis

Newfoundland Fish Brewis is one of my favorite meals. What I am making today is fisherman’s brewis where everyting is mixed together. I have used fresh fish but today I am using salt fish. I usually buy salt fish pieces for this meal. Those pieces cost around $6.00 from Sobeys in Conception Bay South. I soaked this for five hours and changed the water once. The saltiness depends upon how it was salted. We usually cook the salt fish with the potatoes so we keep it a little salty. You can always add salt to the finished product.

The brewis was soaked for five hours as well. I broke the bread apart to shorten the time needed to soften the bead. There were still a few firm bits, however I picked those out.

The Brewis in soak..we always called it hard bread

The potatoes and fish boiling together. We place the fish on top of the potatoes after they start boiling and the fish is cooked when the potatoes are ready.


I drained off some of the juice from the fish and potatoes and used it to heat the brewis. It worked!  This was the first time I used this method to heat the brewis.


The potatoes, brewis and fish mixed together


I fried up some onions in butter and used that as a sauce to add to my lunch meal. My wife is the drawn butter expert so she will make that as a sauce for our supper meal of fisherman’s brewis. I like pork fat but it doesn’t like me.


Lunch plate of fisherman’s brewis with fried butter and onion sauce


Many people like fisherman’s brewis as I have made today, where everything is mixed together.. Fish and brewis is where the fish, brewis and potatoes are served individually and not mixed together. I can eat it either way. My preference is having the salt fish, with the skin on, for fish and brewis. We always have potatoes with this meal.

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