Night Worms

Trouting season is open so it’s time to catch some night worms. I mentioned it to my wife and she reminded me of when our children were young and they would get out of bed and go out with me to catch the worms. They thoroughly enjoyed catching them. Worms were plentiful in the area where we lived as the land was formerly farm land and had been fertilized yearly, with manure.

One of my friends mentioned that there were worms on his lawn as he had put horse manure on the ground.  I asked if It would be ok for me to catch some. Hopefully, we will get a warm damp night before the weekend.

The following is a video on how to catch night crawlers.  I found it on you tube. This fellow uses sawdust to clean the slime from his fingers. Other than using the sawdust, his technique is basically the same. I had been using a flashlight, however: the headlamp allows you to have both hands free.

Happy hunting.


May 25,2016 ,light rain and warm,,a good night for night worms


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