Ocean Beach Rocks

Ocean beach rocks photos taken at a beach in Kelligrews, Newfoundland. I’m fascinated by the different shapes and the roundness of the rocks. They have been washed by the salt water,  pounded against each other by the waves and in our area, scraped and rolled by sea ice.

The following link is a scientific explanation of beach rocks and their characteristics.

Beach stones, types of rocks and pebbles link

Link to Beachrock occurrence, characteristics, formation mechanisms and impacts

The following photo was taken on the beach just above the trestle bridge out Heritage Road, in Upper Gullies, Con Bay South.,between  the trestle and Seal Cove Beach.IMG_1804wd6IMG_1802wd8

mcMay be the rib cage of a moose

Topsail Beach with Kelly’s Island in the background


Geology and Fossils Link  

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