Out For A Walk

Who would have believed that on Mar 2/16 we would have no snow, on the ground, here on The Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland Labrador. It’s a warm, sunny 7 degrees, just right for a short walk. I decided to walk The Trailway, from Anchorage Rd to Mineral’s Rd and walk back via the highway. Surprisingly, I didn’t  meet anybody on my walk.

I took my camera as this was going to be a photo rock walk. For me, walking has to have a purpose. I took about two dozen photos of rocks. Some were hiding in bushes and some in amongst the trees. Below are a few of the photos. I did see  the rock that  my wife and her friends used to play on when they were children. It’s on private property so I will have to get permission to get a photo. It would be nice if I could get a picture of her on the rock. Enjoy!




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