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Newfoundland Labrador has many ponds that have been named after landmarks, birds and people but the most common name would have to be rocky pond. The reason, for the name, would be obvious to all as the shoreline would be difficult to walk around because of rocks and boulders or the pond would have rocks protruding above or just below the water. The other popular pond names would be Island and Gull pond.

Rocky Pond on The Foxtrap Access Rd.

IMG_1247 (2)

Lower end of Gull Pond, Foxtrap Access Rd

IMG_1249 (2)

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Photo by Austin W Clarke..This is one of my favourite photos with the ducks in the foreground and the hills in the background.




That’s me below at The Falls on Manuel’s River. I spent most of my younger years in ManuelsIMG_1016

Rocky Pond locations

Foxtrap Access Road and at the end of Dunn’s Hill Road. I have fished in this pond and struggled to walk the shoreline. Rocks galore! Picture to follow.

Link to a photo of a Rocky Pond   not sure of location as it is not noted on the site,

Rocky Pond near Frenchman’s Cove    You may have to search for it on the map near Mount Serat and Aaron’s Hill.

Rocky Pond located between Duder Lake and Burnt Lake near Birchy Bay..Search the map near Duder Lake and Burnt Lake.

Rocky Pond on the Heart’s Content Barrens. Highway from Victoria to Heart’s Content.

Rocky Pond on The Baie Verte Peninsula

Rocky Pond near Come By Chance, Sunnyside

Rocky Pond near Hare Bay

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