Why am I writing a post here on potholes? Like many drivers I am frustrated by the number and size of potholes on our highways. Thus far I’ve been spared tire and rim repairs but not damage to the front end of my car. I hit a massive hole on a by- road in Conception Bay South and a pothole on the main highway. Missed hitting the one on The Manuel’s Arterial or Peace keepers Way and slowed down coming off the Ruth Ave exchange.

I hate potholes…Unfortunately our weather, with the changing temperatures doesn’t help. What really frustrates me is the amount of time it takes for highway crews to fix the problem or put up signs. The pothole, at The Manuel’s Overpass, was one of the worst. There was no signage until someone stuck a cone down in the hole to alert drivers, I had to make a trip to the hospital on a blustery night and there were four or five vehicles pulled over with flat tires.

I wonder can those drivers start a class action suit against the government?? Joking, but that’s how I feel.

How do you avoid hitting those vehicle destroying holes?

  • Check your tire pressure.  .“If it’s a normal pothole and you have the proper air pressure, your vehicle should be able to absorb it and you should go on your way – but it really depends on the depth of the pothole, your speed and the air pressure in your tire,” says Sean Cooney-Mann, store manager for an OK Tire in Toronto
  •  listen to the radio for pothole reports.
  • check with family and friends to see if they are aware of any potholers on the route that you will be driving
  • Reduce speed..if people want to pass let them pass.
  • Try and stay alert watching intently what the vehicles in front of you are doing. This means keeping the correct distance behind the vehicle that’s in front of you.
  • Try and avoid driving at night, especially on wet and foggy nights.
  • Make sure your windshield is clean! Check your windshield wash .
  • Watch for puddles..it may be a pothole
  • Don’t tailgate:
  • Braking. Brake lightly but release your brake when entering a pothole.. .
  • Hard braking can cause greater contact between the tire and the pothole where it might otherwise glide over it.
  • Be very careful if your are speeding and you try to avoid a pothole..Remain attentive to what’s going on around you.
  • hit a pothole..You should pull over, in a safe location, to check for any visible damage..
  • If you notice a change in your vehicles handling, have it checked our asap. If your car pulls to one side you may have knocked your wheels out of alignment..
  • Report potholes to your town or city or the highways. Some towms react quicker then others..

Potholes can be expensive, frustrating and dangerous.

Pothole alert…

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A few days ago, I drove down the ramp, off Ruth Ave, onto the Harbor Arterial road. That section of road is deplorable.


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