Rock Climbing /Zip Lines

The only rock climbing that I’ve done was climbing the cliffs on both sides of Manuel’s river. There was a particular spot ,near bubble pond ,that we would climb rather than take the path. Although we were, young we respected the cliffs and never put ourselves in serious danger..That is, until one day we decided to climb an area just below, what we called Bergs scrape. It’s just below Bergs parking lot.

Johnny, Sam and I hung out together, although; they were a couple of years older than me. As mentioned earlier, we spent much of our free time hanging out around Manuel’s river. This particular day, we decided to climb a rock face that was straight up. I was nervous of the climb and told them so. They eventually made it to the top, however; I became stuck on a ledge. I was shorter and could not reach one of the hand holds. They saw my predicament and climbed back down to help. We knew, that I would be unable to make the climb so we climbed back down the cliff to the rivers edge. To be truthful, I was more than scared.

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