Rock Gardens

Newfoundland Labrador Rock Gardens

A rock garden can be any of the following..for this site

A garden on rocky ground or among rocks, for the growing of alpine or other plants. 2. a garden decorated with rocks, usually a wide variety of interestingly shaped, multicolored rocks, especially quartz. ( definition)

A large rock.  A large rock that has trees, shrubs or plants blended into the rock landscape. A rock wall. Rocks that have been gathered from a garden and piled.

Please feel free to forward pictures and info

Rock garden at Camp Starrigan


Donna Wiscombe photo: Her rock garden


Rocks in a pile, to the right of the picture. Kelligrews, NL . There is a larger pile at the end of the garden.



Paula’s Rock Garden
Rideout’s rock wall



The Nippard’s Rock


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