Rock Markers, Trail markers

efore GPS’S, there were many landmarks that were used to mark fishing grounds. There is a rock, on Kelligrew’s beach, that is called,  “The Devil’s Jackstone.”  I have no ideal, why, it was given that name. I spent many days, on conception bay, jigging for cod and this is one of the markers that we used. Please e mail me-address below-if anybody knows how and why it was given this  name.

Apparently, there are five “Devil’s Jackstones” in the kelligrews area. See, Nix Waddens blog post link, below the photo.

See link below, to an article, by Susan Flanagan, of her summer days in Kelligrews

Here is a photo of “The Devil’s Jackstone” on the beach in Kelligrews. IMG_1778kb1



Susan Flanigan, Newfoundland Quarterly

Nick Wadden’s blog and The Devil’s Jackstones..Apparently there are five????

Please feel free to e mail with any info that you may have on “The Devil’s Jackstone”.

The most recognizable trail markers, especially in Labrador,  would be the inukshuks. Those markers are made of rocks and are use as land marks in most cases for direction, however; they might be used  to mark fishing or camping spots. The following is a photo I took that somebody had placed on the side of The Burin Peninsula Highway near mile long hill.



One of my favorite trout fishing areas was and still is, “the split rock,” on The Witless Bay Line. I’ve spent many saturdays walking in the trail and trouting, in the many ponds, that are about an hour from the line.  Never been blanked! My last trip was, on skidoo, in march 2015. It was cold, blustery with flurries, so we only tried one pond. I managed to catch six trout. There is a large rock on one corner of the pond and another smaller one that you have to jump out too. For my son and I, it’s known as Jeff’s rock. There is a bonding story here, . Link here and scroll down to MY Son  or click on the second photo.

The Split Rock, Witless Bay Line


Me, by another split rock which is on the trail


More photos here

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