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This past weekend, we were in Lower Island Cove to spend some time with our friends. The photos were taken from a hill over looking Lower Island Cove, where we went partridge berry picking and from Grates Cove.

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Grates Cove

Steve Wiscombe photo


Lower Island Cove



There is a big rock, behind those trees,  that our children used to play on when they were kids but now it’s totally surrounded by trees.




The following pictures were taken in Grates Cove. The Beluga whale was swimming around the wharf when we were there. You can see the whale, in the photo, on the right. Also, notice the rocks used for the breakwater, to the left of the wharf and the rocky coastline. You can enlarge the photos by clicking on the image. Link to rocks of Grates Cove at bottom of page.

IMG_1581gc7 IMG_1584gc4

IMG_1587gc3 IMG_1582gc6

Rainbow over breakwater


The following are  links to Grates Cove and The Cabot Rock, which I saw but didn’t take a photo.

1. Cabot Rock, Grates Cove

2. The Grates Cove Tradition

3. Grates Cove Studios

4. Rocks Of Grates Cove


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