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Newfoundland is  “The Rock” but rocks and rock formations have been a part of us and have influenced our lives and in many cases how we live. The purpose of Rocks of Newfoundland Labrador website is to allow you to tell your story of rocks in your lives and the joy that they gave or are now giving you. I have spoken to many people and most of them can recall a special rock from their childhood.

We have rock formations onshore and offshore that have been part of our history. Many of those formations have a story to tell of tragedy and of providing safety. Others, which are underwater, such as Tony’s Rock in Conception Bay, have been  a place to catch cod as they come from deeper water. will have pictures of newfoundland rocks. The pictures could be rock formations, beach rocks, mountains, tolts,  rock gardens, “pet rocks:, river rocks, mineral rocks and everything rock in between.

Also, we will include our own videos in addition to videos submitted by our visitors and youtube.

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As you view the following video, take note of the different rock formations and rocky landscapes.

The Bell Rock is a well photographed and viewed rock formation on the western side of Bell Island.


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Shag Rock, Whiteway, Trinity Bay



Queen Elizabeth Regional High (old)

There is a “Big Rock” which was near the main entrance to the old Queen Elizabeth High School in Foxtrap. The school is gone and there are houses on the old school property but the rock remains. I don’t know if there is a name on the rock.

Our friends have a house next to the rock. They have two  cedar trees planted in front. A number of couples have come there for some of their wedding pictures. I asked them if there was a name on the rock but they did not know. They suggested that I ask their neighbor, who I know, however; he wasn’t at home. His family have lived there for years.


Do you know where this rock is located?
Do you know where this rock is located?

Kelligrews Beach parking lot with Kelly’s Island in the background