I had forgotten about the term scrapes, as used in describing a narrow rock cut, until i awoke at 2:20am on Jan 3,2016. While lying awake and not being able to get back to sleep, I was thinking about this website and rocks from my childhood.

Then, I recalled stories of rocks that were associated with accidents and then I remembered scrapes. A couple of scrapes that I recall are, The Scrape in Burin and The Red Harbor Scrape. Both of those were places that  were scenes of terrible accidents. I’ll get to those later.

Also, there was a small scrape out Wiscombe’s Lane in Marystown. I’m not sure if it was called a scrape but you had to scrape by a rock that was on one side of the narrow road.

The only reason that I can think of, why they called them scrapes was because you had to scrape close to or hug the cliff wall so as not to go over an embankment.

Scrape definition:rub or cause to rub by accident against a rough or hard surface, causing damage or injury.

The following are links to websites that contain articles on The Scrape.

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Red Harbor Scrape

There is not much information available on The Red Harbor Scrape. There is a place on Mapcarta called Red Scrape.The old Burin Highway wrapped around Red Harbor and I suppose Red Scrape is where the highway made a 90 degree turn as you began your drive around the harbor. I remember that there was a tragic accident there, back in the sixties. A car went over the embankment and there were fatalities.

I’ve driven the “Old Burin Highway” many times and was all always a little nervous in this area, especially in heavy fog, rain or in the winter. More info or stories on The Red Harbor Scrape are welcome.

Also, please e mail nfldsites@gmail with information on other scrapes in Newfoundland Labrador that you may be familiar with.