Split Rock Changes

I have made many trouting, bakeapple picking and hunting trips from the gravel parking lot at Split rock. I guess my first time, walking the barren trail, was back in 1960/61. If I remember correctly, my uncle Guy took a few of us on a fishing trip and we fished in a few ponds and gullies about a ten minute walk from the road.

Split Rock


Yesterday, Jan 28, 2017, my son and I were moose hunting and we were checking to see if we there was enough snow to use the skidoos. We decided to drive in the power line access road, at split rock. There were no signs, denying access, so we ventured on.

We were surprised at how far the road went back into the countrty. The photo was taken of the split rock that is about a ten walk from the highway.


the road curses to the right and extends a little further into the country. We figured that, if we started our walkat that point, we could cut about a half hour from our one and one half hour walk. Hopefully, they will allow access to the maintenance road. I never thought i’d see the day that a road would extend this far into the country.

Our last fishing trip..May, 2016..May 24th weekend.  Click to visit 

My son and I at split rock in 2016



Birthday Rock Pond..The rock is Birthday Rock






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