The Droke, Job’s Cove

As you know, I am fascinated by the Newfoundland, labrador coastline, the hills, the mountains and the rock formations. On Saturday afternoon, my friend Dave and I drove down into The Droke over in Job’s Cove. Dave was driving his beat abour kia and as we stopped at the crest of the hill he asked, “will we drive down’?’ I wanted to but wasn’t sure if the old Kia would be able to drive down over the rugged road. Well I guess Dave, with his banged up knee, couldn’t walk down and he wanted to relive his chilhood memories of hauling fish up the trail in box carts.

Years ago, fishermen would use box carts and horses to haul their catch to the top. They would place rocks behind the wheels to give the horses a break. The path would have been narrow and there wasn’t a guard rail.

We made it and those are some of the photos and videos we took as well as a few from some other people who enjoy this type of scenery. Enjoy!







Catching Caplin at The Droke Link






One thought on “The Droke, Job’s Cove

  1. Beautiful pictures–such a lovely place and you know what,every morning I can enjoy that view from my deck or windows.I feel so lucky.
    Just beautiful and Dave if you came from here I must know you–gut I can not think of a Dave.
    Have fun and love life!!!!!!!!!!!

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