I recall as a child, there was a high point on a small mountain range that we called “the tolt”. We lived in Creston South, on The Burin Peninsula and “the tolt” was in back of Marystown. Our parents warned us not to go back into the mountain because there was a man of the mountain, who lived there and he would kidnap us. We never ventured there.

I checked Google and it appears that, tolt, is only used to describe a hill in Newfoundland. Webster Dictionary definition. An isolated peak rising abruptly from a plain in Newfoundland

There are many tolts in Newfoundland Labrador.

The photo below is “Chisel Hill” and was taken from a path near Pinsent’s Falls on The Salmonier Line. Click on photo to enlarge.  I have heard my wife’s grandfather and father speak about hunting and trapping in this area as well as using it as a landmark. Also, many others have mentioned the chisel hill area for moose and caribou hunting as well as ponds for trouting. (trout’n, fishing) and a river for salmon fishing. There is a saying: Going in.. “When your back is to the tolt you’re half way in”… Coming out…”When your back in to the tolt your half way out”…Hopefully, I have it right.


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The Tolt, Marystown Photo by Austin W Clark

Info on TheTolt Marystown



Please forward pictures and info on tolts in your area of the province.

The following are some of the tolts that have some information online and links to websites. All links are in color.

Main Topsail Hill Central Hill. Link to site

MarkKoneffPhoto by Mark koneff, Click here or on photo to visit FLYWAYS.US website and an article by Mark Koneff

The Tolt, Holyrood


Knob Hill Avondale.Link

Hannah’s Tolt, Northern Bay’ Link info

The Tolt Mountain Hollyrood area..Link info

The Tolt near Channel Port Aux info

The Tolt on Bay du Nord river..Link info

Tolt Harbour Breton:   many striking peaks or “tolts” rising several hundred feet above general land level.

tolthrbretonPhoto from Town Of Harbour Breton webbsite. Click on photo to visit the website.

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