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Leave No Stone Unturned

what does it mean to leave no stone unturned? Recently, I went for a walk on the old railway bed, in Conception Bay South. The trains have long gone and the railbed is now a popular walking trail. I wandered, off the trail and took a path that led out to the shoreline. There was a large rock…see photo below…with the wording “leave no stone unturned” printed neatly on the surface.

I have no idea who printed the words but the message was clear. This person or persons was issuing a challenge, to themselves and to others, to persevere in life. It means to find a way, no matter how difficult or challenging, to solve a  problem.

As I looked at all the rocks on that shoreline, I realized, that if someone had hid a penny under one of those rocks, how difficult it would be to find it. It would be impossible and useless to try but if finding that penny, meant success or failure,life or death, I would leave no stone unturned. Would you?


Do you know where this rock is located?


Do you know where this rock is located? I’m not sure if  Foxtrap Head Point is the correct name for the rocky point up from the Foxtrap Marina. It’s located on the shoreline. Please comment, if you find it and send a photo.  subject: Leave No Stone Unturned. 
You will see the following rock on the path. Please be careful. I walked down from the parking lot at the end of  Ledrew’s Road and  took the path by the sign that leads to the point.