What Is A Pet Rock

Recently I read an article about pet rocks. I remembered that they were popular back in the seventies. Apparently there are  some people who still like them and will buy them from a registered pet rock store. So I asked myself the questions, what is a pet rock and where do I find them?

A side note,,Gary Dahl, the inventor of the pet rock, estimates he sold over 1.5 million. They sold for around $4.00 each. He died March 24, 2015. More info here

Living in Newfoundland Labrador and as I have this website on rocks, it should be easy for me to find some. I would have to do some research!

How do you identify pet rocks?

My research has shown that you will recognize your pet rocks. Apparently people look for different things, such as size, shape, and color.

What do they eat?

I googled pet rock care and wikihow has tons of informatIon on caring for your pet rock. Link here.

There are a couple of suggestions that I would add to, how to care for your pet rock. I would wash with salt water if you found your pet rock in a salt water environment. Also, I would tape the sound of  waves rolling on  a beach, especially for bedtime,

Apparently they can be trained so I would need a training manual.

So begins my journey. I will go down to the beach. Most of our beaches are rocks and pebbles so there should be plenty there. Where’s my camera? I will take some pictures and videos before trying to catch some.

Those are a couple of the pictures. As you cam see, there are rocks of all sizes on those beaches. How do you decide  the ones that will make a good pet. There are some, on the shoreline, that like being washed and rolled in the salt water but how will they react when taken from their environment? I guess I need to check with the proper government agency before attempting to capture one.

This should be a good beach to find a small pet rock.


Those may be too big to keep indoors.

The one below is a door stop, however; we keep it on our stairs as a guard rock. The painting is a school of capelin.


Do you have a pet rock??


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