Witless Bay Line

itless Bay Line photos.

The Witless Bay Line has been one of my favorite trouting destinations. Over a period of thirty years or more, I have fished in most ponds and rivers on both the north and south side of the highway.  Unfortunately, I never took a camera on any of those trips. I’m looking forward to a few more trips in and beyond birthday rock pond.

One, may 24th weekend,  back in the eighties, one of my brother-in-laws and one of my wife’s brother-in-laws went trouting in The Split rock area. We ended up walking back to mobile big pond. The walk in wasn’t too bad as we had fished in many of the ponds on the way. The walk out to split rock was tiring as it was an extremely warm day for the 24th weekend.

For those who are not familiar, with the area, you can locate mobile big pond by following the link below the photos. We walked from the west end of the pond to “split rock’ which is about a kilometer from the trans canada. We did catch our quota. My brother-In-Law broke his rod on one he hooked near the western end of the pond.

Rock balanced

















Satelite map link. Click here 

Got a story to share or pictures of your trip to The Witless Bay Line.